2011 IPMU-YITP School and Workshop
on Monte Carlo Tools for LHC

Following the series of annual schools on Monte Carlo event generators for LHC, held at Durham (2007), Debrecen (2008), Lund (2009) and Karlsruhe (2010), the 2011 school will be held in conjunction with a mini-workshop at

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University
5 - 10 September 2011

The School will provide a four day course of training in the physics and techniques used in modern Monte Carlo event generators via a series of lectures and practical sessions. The school is aimed at advanced doctoral students and young postdocs. It will be followed by a two day mini-workshop on the latest developments in event generators and their applications at LHC.

Please check the indico server for updated information on travel, accommodation, programme etc.

Kinkakuji, Kyoto

Kinkakuji, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion, Kyoto

The school will take place at the YITP on the campus of Kyoto University, Japan.

Participants will have the opportunity for extensive, guided hands-on experience in running various event generators.

Topics to be covered in the School:

Introduction to Monte Carlo Event Generators                     (Frank Krauss, IPPP, Durham)
Introduction to Jet Finding and Jetography                     (Gavin Salam, CERN, Paris and Princeton)
Introduction to MadGraph/MadEvent                     (Rikkert Frederix, Zurich)
Beyond Standard Model Monte Carlo with FeynRules                     (Claude Duhr, IPPP, Durham)
Matching Fixed Order and Parton Shower Generators                     (Bryan Webber, Cambridge)
Modelling of Minimum Bias Events and Underlying Events(Torbjörn Sjöstrand, Lund)
Tutorials and Hands-on Experience:
     Herwig++ (David Grellscheid, Durham)
     Pythia 8 (Torbjörn Sjöstrand, Lund)
     Sherpa (Marek Schönherr, Dresden)
     MadGraph/MadEvent (Rikkert Frederix, Zurich)
     FeynRules (Claude Duhr, Durham)

Topics to be covered in the Workshop:

There will be a mixture of invited and submitted contributions, to be decided later, on Monte Carlo issues relevant to the LHC.

Applications, travel and other information

Applications must be received by 20 June 2011. Applications are particularly encouraged from women and other under-represented sections of the community. Please note that enrollment will be limited to 60 participants.

There is no registration fee but accommodation will be booked at a downtown hotel at a cost to participants of approximately US$80 per night. Lunches at economical prices will be taken at the Kyoto University campus cafeteria. A limited number of bursaries will be available to cover local costs for participants in financial need.

The application form as well as further information about the School and Workshop can be obtained from the indico server.

Contact and enquiries

Enquiries should be sent to the organisers.

Local Organizers:

Kaoru Hagiwara, Shigeki Matsumoto, Takeo Moroi, Mihoko Nojiri (KEK/IPMU)
Fumihiro Takayama (YITP)

Organizing Committee:

David Grellscheid, University of Durham
Hitoshi Murayama, Director, IPMU
Michael Seymour, University of Manchester
Peter Skands, CERN
Bryan Webber, University of Cambridge

Sponsored by IPMU