High Energy Physics (Experimental)

The work is based upon experiments at high energy particle accelerators, with group members at present making up part of international collaborations working on experiments at CERN, Geneva, at Fermilab, Chicago, and on R&D activities for a future Linear Collider.

Experiments which are currently running:

  • ATLAS: general purpose detector for the LHC at CERN.
  • LHCb: CP violation and b-quark physics at the LHC.
  • MicroBooNE: neutrino cross-section measurements at Fermilab using LAr TPCs.

Running experiments which the group was previously involved in:

  • CALICE: R&D for particle flow calorimetry.

Future experiments:

The group is involved in a number of experiments which have finished data taking, but are still publishing results:

  • OPAL at LEP: precision physics of the Z and W, and much more...
  • NA48: CP violation and rare decays of neutral Kaons.
  • LCABD/EuroTeV: spectrometry for the future linear collider.
  • MINOS: neutrino oscillations at Fermilab.

Some historical projects may also be of interest:

  • UA5 at the SppS: hadron production physics
  • UA2 at the SppS: Discovery of the W and Z bosons and measurements of their properties