Experimental Group

Group Leader

Val Gibson


Richard Batley
Senior Lecturer, ATLAS
Marc-Olivier Bettler
Lecturer, LHCb
Oleg Brandt
Lecturer, ATLAS
Janet Carter
Emeritus Professor, ATLAS
John Chapman
Research Associate, ATLAS
Harry Cliff
Science Museum Fellow, LHCb
Lorena Escudero Sanchez
Research Associate, MicroBooNE, DUNE
William Fawcett
Research Associate, ATLAS
Edward Flaherty
Electronics Engineer
Val Gibson
Professor, Experiment Group Leader, LHCb
Maurice Goodrick
Senior Research Associate, ATLAS, CALICE
Steven Green
Research Associate, DUNE, Linear Collider
Susan Haines
Research Associate, LHCb
Karl Harrison
Research Associate, VoxTox
John Hill
Senior Research Associate, ATLAS
Bart Hommels
Senior Technical Officer, ATLAS, CALICE
Chris Jones
Senior Research Associate, LHCb
Matthew Kenzie
Research Associate, LHCb
Chris Lester
Senior Lecturer, ATLAS
David Munday
Affiliated Lecturer
Andy Parker
Professor, Head of Cavendish, Accel-RT, AGORA-RT, ATLAS, GHOST, VoxTox
Tina Potter
Lecturer, ATLAS
Dave Robinson
Principal Research Associate, ATLAS
Mark Thomson
Professor, MINOS, CALICE, DUNE, Linear Collider, MicroBooNE
Melissa Uchida
Lecturer, DUNE, MicroBooNE
David Ward
Emeritus Professor, CALICE, LHCb
Leigh Whitehead
Research Associate, DUNE
Sarah Williams
College Lecturer, ATLAS
Stephen Wotton
Principal Research Associate, LHCb


Jack Anthony
4th year, MicroBooNE
Michele Blago
2nd year, LHCb
James Cowley
4th year, ATLAS
Blaise Delaney
2nd year, LHCb
Floris Keizer
4th year, LHCb
Christoph Klein
4th year, ATLAS
Chiao-Ying Lin
4th year, ATLAS
George Lovell
2nd year, LHCb
Claire Malone
5th year, ATLAS
Daniel Noel
1st year, ATLAS
Holly Pacey
3rd year, ATLAS
John Smeaton
2nd year, LHCb
Andrew Smith
3rd year, MicroBooNE
Jackson Smith
Rupert Tombs
1st year, ATLAS
Alison Tully
4th year, LHCb
Stefano Vergani
2nd year, DUNE
Joris Jan de Vries
5th year, MicroBooNE
Ifan Williams
2nd year, LHCb


Raj Jena
Department of Oncology, VoxTox