HEP Group Outreach - Schools Partnerships

Current members and alumni of the HEP group have been working in partnership with local schools on projects that aim to bring aspects of particle physics research into the classroom.

CROCS - Cosmic Ray Observatory for Cambridgeshire Schools

CosmiX splash

In partnership with schools in the region we are starting to equip the schools with cosmic ray detectors. The schools will assemble the detectors from a kit of parts provided by us and use the completed detectors to measure particles produced in cosmic ray air showers. The mesurements from several schools will be combined to measure the extent and direction of the shower with the aim of investigating the origins of the primary cosmic ray particle. For more information, follow the sidebar link to the CROCS project page.

The CosmiX Project

The group has provided equipment to Sancton Wood School, Cambridge, for the detection of muons from cosmic ray interactions.

The Smashing Particles Project

In collaboration with Birmingham University Particle Physics Group, Netherhall school (Cambridge) and Yardley's Science College (Birmingham), group members organised a series of workshops and events involving the two partner schools.