Cambridge HEP Group Outreach - RICH Animator

The RICH Animator is an interactive simulation of how a RICH detector works. Instructions on how to install the standalone version are given below.

The application can be used in conjunction with this worksheet on RICH detectors.

How to download and install the standalone program

In case your browser does not run the embedded applet or if you prefer to keep the program locally it can be downloaded and run as follows:

The application is packaged in a zip file as some browsers will not allow you to directly download an executable program.

Save the zip file to your disk and unpack it. It contains the single file rich.jar.

To run the program, either double click on the jar file in your file browser or open a command window and type

java -jar rich.jar

The application main window should open after some seconds and from there you will find additional help.

The program requires java version 1.4 or higher.