CROCS - Xilinx notes

CROCS uses programmable logic to implement much of the digital electronics. The first workshop uses a Nexys3 development board that includes a Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA programmable logic device. The digital logic is designed using a suite of tools from Xilinx known as ISE WebPack. This software is available for free download from so it can be installed on any school or home computer. You will need to register at the Xilinx website before you can download the package. To simplify things and to avoid the big download you can borrow the installation media (DVD+R dual layer DVD) from us or we can put it on your 8GB memory stick.


You will require administrator rights to install this package but not to use it. If the installation does not start automatically when you insert the media, run the Xsetup program at the root of the installation media.

CROCS is currently using version 13.2 of the Xilinx ISE WebPack tools.

Installation is fairly straightforward and you can accept all of the default installation options presented to you except:

The installation will ask to install various drivers and other packages and you should agree to all of them.

The installation source is over 4GB in size and requires 12GB free space for the installed product.


When you have installed the package you will need to install the license file:

You can instead set a user environment variable if you don't have administrator rights but as you need to have administrator rights to install the tools it is better to use the system variable so that individual users do not need to set it.

You should now be able to open and use the ISE project navigator.