Workshops will be held about once per school term and will take place at the Cavendish Laboratory or one of the participating schools. They will normally start after the end of the school day and last about an hour and a half. How to find us...

Workshop 1

The first workshop will be used to introduce some electronics hardware and design methods to the students. The confirmed dates are Wednesday November 30th and Thursday December 1st.

We will start with a very brief introduction to the CROCS project but we will then move quickly on to some practical hands-on activities in Work Package 1. The aim will be to familiarise the students with the tools so that they can explore on their own afterwards. Work Package 1...

It will be an advantage (but not a requirement) that the students are already familiar with some basic concepts of digital electronics, in particular logic gates (AND, OR), the binary system of counting and how digital logic can be represented by electrical signals.

The software tools we will use are freely available and we will distribute the installation package at the workshop. You can install it on as many PCs as you want at your school and the students can also install it on their home computers if they wish. The installation will require about 15GB disk space. If possible, please bring an 8GB memory stick (4GB is too small) as this is the easiest way for us to distribute the software package though we will also prepare a few DVD+R(DL) dual layer DVDs. If you are able to bring a laptop we could even run through the installation with you. More details...

Here is a summary of how many we are expecting (not including accompanying teachers) on each of the days:

Wednesday 30th November
Kesgrave (4), Netherhall (1)
Thursday 1st December
Oundle (4), Hills Road (10), Netherhall (1)

If you are not yet on the list and want to participate please contact us as soon as you can.

Reminder of what to bring to the workshop if you can:

8GB USB memory stick
Per school. To make a copy of the software package.
Per school. Only needed if you want to try to install the software or as a faster alternative to the 8GB memory stick.
Few MB USB memory stick.
Per student. If you want to save your work and take it with you. We can also put your saved work on the web for you to copy later.

Future workshops

Here are some of our ideas for future workshops: