CROCS - The SiPM Module

The SiPM module

The SiPM module

The SiPM module is made up from a silicon photomultiplier connected to a preamplifier module. There are four leads that need to be connected to two power supplies. Please take great care to ensure that the polarity and voltages are correct before switching on.

The detector bias voltage, 15V typical.
The preamplifier power supply, 8V typical.
0V reference (ground)

Two, low noise, power supplies are required to power the module. The 0V outlets of the two supplies should be connected together and the two black leads of the module should be connected to this common point.

The red lead is the preamplifier power supply. It should be around 8V. The precise value is not critical. It may be switched directly on and off.

The orange lead is the detector "biasing" supply. This should never be switched on directly to the operating voltage. Always set the variable output to zero, then switch on the supply and slowly raise the voltage while monitoring the SiPM signal on an oscilloscope. The device becomes sensitive around 15V. Increasing the voltage increases the size of the signal but will eventually cause breakdown of the device which may cause permanent damage.

The silver "LEMO00" connector carries the signal from the SiPM. It can be monitored using an oscilloscope or connected to suitable signal processing electronics. The signal cable should be terminated to 50Ohm at the receiver.