Session 1

Finding the length of a hypotenuse in a right-angled triangle
A program to solve real quadratic equations
DIce throwing program
guess the number
A short conversation with a computer.
A simple conversation with Ocaml
My First Program!
Times Tables
A simple number deduction game
An input/output exercise
A complete noob has a go at C++
A program to display Fibonacci numbers
Time adder
A Strange Adder
A program to calculate combinations
A program that calculates the geometric sum to inifinity
Successful "algorithm" for counting game
Integer factorization
Calculator Programme (prefix notation)
How long until Saturday?--***this programme will make me millions***
Factorial calculator
Job Interview
A Prime Number Determiner
My First Task/Chinese Zodiac
Counting in steps
A short guessing game
Sexist Mind Reader
Root Finding for a Simple Quadratic
"YOU CAN SAFELY NEGLECT AIR RESISTANCE", An interactive CLI shooting game
A Simple Guessing Game
Customisable Fizz Buzz
Hello World
Program to print alphabet, highlighting the first letter of the user's name
Pass integer
Times Table Checker
Football Crazy
So you think you can multiply?
How to Greet Foreign Guests
A simple multiplier
Adding multiple numbers
Doctor Who
One Potato
Basic Maths presented on a changing number line
Singing N Green Bottles
Lucky number crystal ball
My first C++ programming
Program to calculate the mean and variance of four numbers
A program to find numbers that are divisible by 3 i.e the BoffMachine!
A program to calculate the first n terms of the Fibonacci series
Random Password Generator
Password Checker
A simple conversation
Unimaginative number stacking with a tiny twist
A Comedy of Errors Line Tester
Number Guessing Game
A game for primary school children
Calculating the area of a trapezium
All primes less than a thousand
All primes less than a thousand
The 3 Number Game
Mini-lottery with one number.
Quadratic Solver
prime factors
The Pursuit of Happyness
A program generates a random number and invites the user to guess it.
A projectile motion simulator
logical test and if-else
The Refreshing of an Old Programmer's Memory
A program to average three numbers up to nine decimal places
Jack's Drinking Game.
Guessing a number
The exponential of a positive integer x with precision n
Calculating areas and perimeters and comparing areas. 
Arithmetic Sequence
My first ever c++ program
Adding Game
The most Useless Terminal ever.
My Demoralisation Program
"PrimeFactors",  a simple program to find the prime factors of a given integer.
Programme to return a triangle number
Prime numbers
Odd or Even?
Simple Calculator
Number Guessing Fun
Multiplicationa and averaging of two numbers
Expressing an integer as a product of prime numbers
counting days between 2 years
Computing Prime Numbers
Class Averages
Number Guess
Divisible by Five?
Greatest Common Divisor
Real quadratic solutions for the really lazy.
Calculating the binomial coefficent nCr
Times Tables
Prime test
Product to multiply 3 numbers and then square them several times
Testing the product of factorials against another number
Introduction to C++: Simple Calculations
Highlight prime number
Sum of prime numbers
A turn in "Risk"
A Short Program To Check Whether An Integer Is A Prime
Modified HelloFor
Higher/Lower Program
playing fair
Simple arithmetic with complex numbers
A program to test the multiplication skills of the user. 
How many colleges are there in the University of Cambridge?
Times Tables
Pass or Fail?
A program to find the point of intersection of two (2d) lines
Program to determine whether or not you should diet
Addition game
Cambridge Lottery
Number Guessing Game
12 Days of Christmas
A simple program to calculate the nCr coeficient of a binomial expansion
A game for a credulous-yet-psychic computer to play with the user.
First Foray into C++ - Guessing Numbers
Rhyming Numbers
Sine calculator
A simple three-turn game
Are we compatible?
Fibonacci's Rabbit-breeding Tool
Quadratic equation solver
Quadratic equation solver
Quadratic equation solver
A simple number guessing game
A digital self-help guru
My first foray into c++
First forays into programming
A program for purely educational purposes
Integer Calculator
Lucky or unlucky
My first calculations on C++
My first calculations on C++
My first calculations using C++
Green bottles
Decimal to binary converter (in Python)
Pointing out even and square numbers
Adding - In C++ and Python
A program to raise numbers to an integer power
A Two-person Guessing Game
A Program to Test if a Number is a Multiple of 12
Bottles of Beer
Path and velocity of a projectile falling under gravity
Summing the first n integers
Three little mathematical games
Product of 2 numbers
Your Special Number
Guess the number!
Find numbers of occurrences of letter 'a' in the word
my first c++ program
Circle Area and Perimeter Calculator
Modification and Fibonacci number
Random number squared
Playing stone,paper or scissors against the computer.

Session 2

Factors of N and Prime numbers less than N
A program to test the user on the number of factors a number has.
Polynome Integrator
Nth root approximations
Nth root approximations (with Ocaml)
Calculating sin(x)
Calculation of pi
Snake and Ladders fun. 
Program to calculate exp(x) from its Taylor series expansion
Sine and cosine calculator
Adding Squares of Odd Integers
A program that calculates the geometric sum to inifinity
Calculation of Pi
Perfect numbers less than N.
Area Calculator
Primes, Highest Common Factor stuff etc.
Random, pointless yet interesting programme which uses a loop to print out seque
Fibonacci sequence and phi calculator
A sequence of inverse powers
e/Compound interest problem
Calculating pi by two methods
Trigonometric Taylor Series
A simple temperature converter
Fibonacci Series and The Golden Ratio
Fibonacci Sequence Generator
Fermat's method of prime factorization
Combinations of summing integers
Program to calculate a series involving natural logarithms
Program to find the density of primes
A Taylor Expansion to Find the Value of e
Fibonacci numbers
Harmonic Series summed to N terms
Sphere in a box
Approximating infinity.
Taylor series of exp(x)
The Fibonacci Sequence
Computing cosine
Prime checker
The Finite St. Petersburg Paradox
Estimating cos theta
Weight Adjuster for Erg Scores
Sum of squares
Program to find the factorial of an inputted natural number
A program to compute floating numbers
Summing a Geometric Series
The most efficient prime factorisation algorithm I could come up with
Finding Prime Factors
Prime Factorization of a Range of Integers
Program for calculating Divisors
First "n" terms of cos(x), sin(x) or exp(x)
Prime Factorisation with Time Limit
Printing out the sequence of floating-point numbers.
Let's Make Pi!
Infinite series for the exponential function
Calculator of exp, sinh and cosh
Is your number prime?
Prime Factor Finder
noughts and crosses 
Program to calculate the number of terms of any Collatz Conjecture sequence
sums of squares, cubes and integers
Fibonacci sequence
A Matrix Exponentiator
A Program to find the exponential of a number using a power series appoximation
Fibonacci Sequence
Basel problem
Vector Arithmetic
Sum of first N terms of a geometric series
Bisection method to find square root of a number
using c++ to show/sum sequences
Approximations to sin(x)
A Fast Fourier Transform (that may not actually work)
My Really Slow Pi Calculator
A custom format for complex numbers and their use in the Riemann-Zeta function
Programme to return a series of coordinates for a quadratic
Day Calculating
Displays each N terms of a series and also displays the sum of the first N terms
Generating Legendre polynomials
list all intergers to which a given number is divisable
Pi to 5 Decimal Places
Savings Accounts
Calculating e
Geometric and arithmetic sequences and series
Geometric and arithmetic sequences and series
Fibonacci Sequence
Sum of the reciprocals of primes
Calculating sine
Complex Number Arithmetic
Program to work out euler number
Value of the mathematical constant e
Continued Fractions
Evaluation of pi
An Interesting Factoriser
Geometric Series
Finding Happy Numbers
improved closest guess
Sequences using recursion
A program to find the lowest common multiple of 4 numbers using a loop
A program to find the first N Fibonacci numbers
Fibonacci numbers
Exp(x) - Taylor Series
Percentage Errors in Approximating Factorials
Perfect number finder
Very crude divergence test
A program to test whether a number is a prime
Fibonacci Sequence
Find Fibonacci Series values
A program to sum n factorial from r = zero to r = n
A program utilising Borwein's algorithm to approximate pi.
Tend to e
Finding binomial coefficients
Binomial expansion
A program that finds a root of an equation using the interval bisection method.
Calculator of Destiny
Interest Calculator
Square root finder
A sequence to calculate the value of e
Geometric series calculator and prime number lister
A program to calculate the net resistance/capacitance of ladder networks
Lucky Number Calculator
Program to print out prime numbers
program to calculate geometric series
Personalised Fibonacci Sequence
Solving a system of linear equations using Gaussian elimination (in Python)
Solving a system of linear equations using Gaussian elimination (FIXED)
A program to calculate prime factors of a number
Program to Sum Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions
A Program to Print Out a Sequence of Floating-Point Numbers
A Program which approximates sinx using Taylor Series
Dispersive Wavepacket simulation
Producing the golden ratio terms to within a certain error
mighty fun
Computing pi
Non-Fibonacci Series and Constants
Calculating the Exponential Function
Calculating Primes
Find e^x by using taylor series
calculate the sum of a series
calculate the sum of a series
Simple Pseudo-Blackjack Game
Calculating compound interest
A Geometric, Arithmetric series and the value of pi calculator
Loop of a converging sequence

Session 3

Finding a value of ln(2) to 2 decimal places using the Monte Carlo method
Monte Carlo Method to find ln(2)
ln 2 approximation
Monte Carlo estimation of ln(2)
Evaluating ln(2) by Monte Carlo
Estimating ln(2)
Estimate ln(2) to two decimal places using a Monte Carlo method
ln(2) calculator
Finding root two using Monte Carlo Method
A program to calculate ln2
Finding ln(2)
Approximating ln(2)
Monte Carlo calculates ln(2)
ln(2) montecarlo
Monte Carlo estimate of ln(2)
Values of ln(2)
A Monte Carlo Method for estimating ln(2)
Simple Monte Carlo 
ln(2) to two decimal places by Monte Carlo method
Monte Carlo for ln(x)
Ln2 Estimation
Monte Carlo Ln2
Determination of ln(2) using a Monte Carlo method. 
Monte Carlo method of obtaining ln(2)
Estimating ln(x)
Calculating ln(2)
Estimating ln2
Monte Carlo Method for finding ln(2)
Monte Carlo Method to Estimate ln(n)
A program to calculate ln(2)
Monte Carlo Calculation of ln2
Ln(2) to 2 decimal places.
Monte Carlo method to estimate ln2
An Estimate for ln(2)
Calculating a natural logarithm
Ln2 Monte Carlo
Estimation of ln(2) by a Monte Carlo Method
Calculating ln(2) using Monte Carlo methods
Estimate ln2
Estimating ln(2)
Ln2 by Monte Carlo
Finding the value of ln2
Estimating the Natural Log of Two
Program to find Ln2
Estimate of ln(2) using Monte-Carlo Methods
Estimating ln(2) using Monte-Carlo integration
Estimating ln(2) using a Monte Carlo Method
Calculating ln2 using Monte Carlo Methods
Monte Carlo for ln(2)
Estimating ln(2) with a Monte Carlo Method
Estimation of ln(2)
A Program to calculate the natural logarithm of 2.
Estimate the exponential constant e using Monte Carlo method
Estimating ln2
An estimate of ln2 to two decimal places
Montecarlo method solution for ln2
Monte Carlo method for approximating ln(2)
Monte Carlo method for approximating ln(2)
Estimating ln(2)
ln(2) via Monte Carlo method
ln(2) via Monte Carlo method
Monty's Coolio Logarithm Calculator
A Monte Carlo method is used to estimate ln(2) to two decimal places.
Calculation of ln2
ln2 calculator (by Monte Carlo)
A Program to estimate ln2 to two decimal places
Monte Carlo method that estimates ln2.
Estimating the value of ln(2) by the Monte Carlo method
Estimating ln(2) to 2 decimal places by a Monte Carlo method
Calculation of ln2
estimating ln(2) using a Monte Carlos Method
Monte Carlo method for ln2
Estimation of ln(2) using a Monte-Carlo Method
My Log2 Calculator
"", using Monte Carlo Methods, adapted from
Monte Carlo Method for estimating ln(2)
ln(2) Monte Carlo 2dp convergence
Estimation of the value of ln(2) by the Monte Carlo method to 2 decimal places
Estimating Ln(2) by a Monte Carlo method
finding ln2 by Monter Carlo method
Estimating ln(2) to 2 Decimal Places by a Monte Carlo Method
Estimate of ln(2)
Estimation of ln(2) using Monte Carlo Method
Estimating ln2 using the Monte Carlo Method
Program to approximate ln(2)
ln 2
Estimating ln 2 to 2 decimal places by Monte Carlo method
My own planet by Leapfrog and Euler methods and then 2 interacting planets
Estimating ln2 to 2dp using Monte Carlo Method
Monte Carlo estimate for Ln(2)
calculating ln 2
Monte Carlo Method for finding ln2 to 2 dp
"Program to compute ln2 using Monte Carlo method"
Estimate of ln2
Estimate of ln(2)
Calculating ln(2) by a Monte Carlo Method
Estimate ln2
Calculating Ln 2 by the Monte Carlo method
estimation of log(2)
Estimating ln(2) using a Monte Carlo method
Monte Carlo method to find ln 2
Ln2 Estimation
Estimation of ln(2) 
Estimation of ln(2) exercise
Calculating ln2
Estimation of ln(2)
Ln(2) using a Monte Carlo method
Ln(2) using a Monte Carlo method
Program to Calculate ln(2)
Monte Carlo Integration to find ln(2)
ln(2) estimate
Monte Carlo method to find Ln(2)
Finding Ln2 via a Monte Carlo Method
ln2 - Monte Carlo style
A program to calculate the value of ln2 to 3 decimal places
A program that approximates ln(2) through a Monte Carlo process
Estimating ln(m) and pi
Estimating ln2 accurate to two decimal places
Program to estimate ln(2) to 2 decimal places
Monte Carlo integrator for linear equations
A more serious approach.
Monte carlo approximation of ln(2)
Estimate of LN2
A Monte Carlo method for computing Ln(2)
Monte carlo to estimate ln(2)
Monte Carlo approximation to ln(2)
Estimating ln2 by a Monte Carlo method
Monte Carlo Integration
Program to estimate Ln(2)
Estimate of Ln2
Monte Carlo Approximation of Ln2
Estimation of pi using a simulation of Buffon's needle (in Python)
A program that estimates ln(2) to 2 decimal places by a Monte Carlo Method.
Monte Carlo Integration
Monte Carlo estimate of ln(2)
Program to Estimate Ln2 to 2dp
Estimate ln(2) by a Monte Carlo Method
ln(2) to 2 decimal places
A Monte-Carlo estimation of logarithms
Estimating Ln(2) to 2 decimal places by the monte carlo method
Calculating ln2
Monte Carlo method for ln(2)
Estimation of ln(2) by the Monte Carlo method
Monte Carlo method for generating approx. for Ln(2)
Find ln2 by Monte Carlo Method
a program to estimate the value of ln2 by Monte Carlo
Calculation of ln2 using Monte Carlo Methods
Estimating Ln 2
Calculation of ln2 to 2d.p.

Session 4

Finding the square root of any number greater than 1 to 2 decimal places
Finding the logarithm of a number using different methods
Finding a root of polynomial function using Newton-Raphson method
Root finder - Secant Method
Newton-Raphson method 
Cubic Stationary Point Finder
Fourier coefficients
Analysing your darts game.
Roots of polynomials
ASCII Mandelbrot set generator
Program to calculate the cube root of a number
Estimating the nth root of a number using the Newton-Raphson method
Orbits Calculations via coordinate system transformations
Fourth Roots
programme which uses newton rhapson method to give square root of first n intege
Secant method root-finding
Program for estimating particle paths
Newton Raphson
Newton Raphson square root finding
Unravelling Obfuscated Multi-Stage Pictorial Quines
My square root w/ modifications
Quadratic Equation Root Finder
Differentiation of a Polynomial (degree n) at a given x-value
A reasonably well performing real-real power function.
A Horse Racing Program
Calculating x^(2/3)
Finding Square Roots using the Newton Raphson Method
Finding Square Roots by the Bisection Method and Newton-Raphson
A program to give the real roots of quadratics
Program to calculate the cube roots of positive and negative numbers
Derivative of sine.
Solving Quadratics
One Root of a Second Order Polynomial
Polynomial root finding using the Newton-Raphson method
Arbitrary Logarithms
Finding Square Roots
Newton Raphson for well behaving cubics
My program to find square roots
Square roots for a user defined range
Calculating a root of any number upto 10,000.
Estimate the Square Root of a Positive Number by Newton-Raphson Iteration
A program to estimate square roots using the Newton Raphson method
Root finding using the Newton-Raphson method
Newton-Raphson Method for finding nth root of a number
Newton-Raphson Method
Square root of integers over a large range
Square Root Approximation Methods
Square Root Program
Ouch! That tea's hot!
SESSON 4 - Newton-Raphson 
SESSON 4 - Newton-Raphson 
A root finding program
ln x by bisection method
Finding the cube root by the Bisection method
Finding the fourth root of a user defined number by linear interpolation
Newton-Raphson root finder
The Painful Square-root Method.
Using the Newton-Raphson method to find the roots of a cubic equation.
Cubic equations
Cube Roots
Natural Logger
A Program to find the square root of any number using the newton raphson method
Comparison of the Newton-Raphson and Bisection methods.
Bisection and Newton -Raphson.
Binomial expansion
Assessing sufficiency of a number of iterations in bisection method
Finding a square root of a complex number
Roots of a cubic via interval bisection
Mandelbrot Set Visualisation
Log Calculator
"GeneralRootFInder", finds roots to any given polynomial up to order 20
Programme to find the nth root of a number
Calculate the determinant and the inverse of a 3x3 matrix
Cubic rootfinder
Square Root Bisection for any postive number, user selected iterations
Calculation of the real roots of a quadratic equation 
Estimating nth order root with Newton-Raphson method
Newton Raphson Square Root
Rooting comparison
Estimate to 5dp of lnx using Bisection Method
Nth Root by bisection
The Secant Method
Multivariable Interval Bisection is a Fickle, Fickle Thing!
Solving polynomials (n<=3) by the Newton Raphson method
Finding square roots in a large range
Finding the real roots to a quadratic equation
Working out square root of a number
Improved code to get the square root of a number
Nth root of a number
Rooting a quadratic
Newton-Raphson rootfinding
Square root finding using the Newton Raphson method
Program to find the nth root of any number where n is between 2 and 5
Program capable of estimating Log m to base n 
Square and Cube Roots
Program to find square root by Newton-Raphson method
Cubic Equation Solver
Newton-Raphson Method
Newton Raphson method for finding square roots
Trapezium Rule Integration
5th order polynomial equation solver
The Fourth Root of Any Number Over 1
Beam deflection functions
Comparing Reciprocals obtained via bisection method with direct calculation
Bisection Method to find roots
Square root calculations using the Bisection and Newton-Raphson methods
A program to solve quadratic equations with real roots and integer coefficients
Root finder for polynomials up to x^3
Square root function including negative numbers
Program to integrate simple polynomials
Hohmann transfer orbit calculator
Square roots
Example of Iteration
Root finding using the Newton-Raphson method
Quartic Newton-Raphson solver
Damped, driven pendulum
A Newton-Raphson method for producing square roots to high precision
A program to calculate nth root of integer numbers
Newton Raphson root finder
Program to factorise a 6th order Polynomial
Program to calculate fractional powers
The Nth Root
Finding all the roots of a function in a given interval
Root Finding
Calculation of square roots by bisection and Newton-Raphson
Quadratic Root Finder
A Program to Test a Hyperbolic Trigonometry Identity 
Quadratic Equation Solver using Newton Raphson
Newton-Raphson root estimation
Newton Raphson Method to calculate the sqaure of a number
square roots
Finding the roots of a quadratic equation
Iterative solution to Bungee Jump problem
A program to calculate the square root of a real number using Halley's method
Finding multiple roots in a range
Solve quadratic equation and show answers in natural expression
A program to test a power theory a^(b+c)=a^b *a^c
Time taken for a ball to bounce
Square root
How different iterations can affect the accuracy of the newton-raphson method...
Calculation of final speed due to free fall

Session 5

Program to show the orbits of two small interacting planets around a fixed sun
Motion in gravitational field
Motion in gravitational field
Motion in gravitational field
Motion in gravitational field
Orbits - Leapfrog and Euler
Fun with Newtons laws
Bodies in central force law orbits
Planetary Orbits
Runge-Kutta 4 Method
Newtonian gravity simulator
Energies in Orbits
Lagrangian points
My Own Planet
Planetary orbit simulator
Planetary orbits
Planetary orbits
Three Body Problem (Though One of Them is Stationary)
Planets bl307
Planet (Changing Initial Velocity Direction)
The N-body problem
Planet orbit modelling program
Ultimately a 4-body simulation
Simulation of Bound, Unbound, Stable and Unstable Orbits For Power Force Laws
N body planet
Leap Frog Simulation of the Earth's Orbit around the Sun
Orbits and Slingshots
An n-body system simulation
Multiple Numerical Integration methods
The 2 Body Problem
Euler and Leapfrog Field modelling
Planets Using the Midpoint Method
Earths motion around the sun
LeapFrog program to simulate planetary motion
Modelling the classical dynamics of planetary systems
Using iteritive methods to determine the orbital perdiod of the earth
Planet Simulation
Planet Simulation
The 2-body Problem
Planets, Orbits and 2 particle systems oh my
Perturbations to inverse square and other force law orbits; ODE solution methods
A simulation of a satellite around the Earth
Investigating Planetary Orbits
Planets, Particles and Orbits
Orbital trajectories by Euler and Leapfrog
The Jolly Simulator
Simulation of planet orbits around a massive star
Big Gravity Simulation
Planets - a work on animations and deflections
What happens if the gravitational force was not an inverse square?
Force laws and orbits
Creating a program to implement Euler and Leapfrog
Planet Motion
General framework for particle simulations & specific planetary application
Orbit Testing
A Program to Simulate the Motion of Bodies in Central Potentials
Program to calculate gravitational orbits and demonstrate Kepler's laws
Simulating the behaviour of a two body system
Orbit Trajectories
Planetary motion
2 Planets
Two Body Problem
My own planet by Leapfrog and Euler methods and then 2 interacting planets
Simulation of Orbits using Euler and Leapfrog methods
Newton's Laws for Elliptical Orbits
Single Planet Simulator
playing with orbits
Simulation of orbits using Euler's Method
The effect on the orbit achieved by affecting a planet with a small kick. 
Escaping Earth's gravitational field
Newtonian gravity simulation using Leapfrog and Runge-Kutta
Leapfrog and Euler
Euler method inverse cubic orbits
Orbital Perturbations
4 Body Gravity Simulation - 'Spirograph with particles'
Momentum kicks to a circular orbit
Planet Investigation
2-planet simulation
Planet Simulation
A Program to investigate the orbits of a planet
Planet simulation
Euler's perturbation of planetary orbit
N body problem
An investigation of the Runge-Kutta method compared to the Leapfrog method
Motion in gravitational field
Lots of masses!
2 body problem
Three-dimensional simulation of a N-body system
Modelling Orbits
A program to simulate dynamics of a particle under a central force
Simultion of Gravitational Scattering and Power law orbits
Orbital Shapes
Leapfrog and Runge-Kutta
2 planet problem
Program to model the orbit of a planet the Leapfrog and Runge-Kutta methods
Planet orbitals
A program to test two bodies orbital
Space and planets and stuff
Numerical simulation of planetary motion using Runge Kutta

Session 6

1D gas
Collision Revision
Particles in a 1D box
Distribution of speeds and velocities in gases
Particles in a 2D box
Bonker meet Thermodynamics
1d gas
Its just not cricket
Pressure: ideal gas investigation
Forces Between Particles
Bonk mod
Bonkers (and the piston investigation)
Colliding particles
Bonking Around
Simulation of a one dimensional gas
Simulation of Adiabatic Gas Compression in One Dimension
Simulation of the dynamics of 10 masses in a 1D box of finite length
Particle Collisions in a 1D Box
Bonkers in 1D
1D bonkers velocity distribution investigation
2D Multiparticle collisions - built for extension
Simulation of Adiabatic Compression
Bonkers for Boltzman
Bonkers: Modelling one-dimensional elastic collisions of particles in a box
Examining the behaviour of atoms in a 1D system, with 'walls' moving together
Bonkers Simulation
Elastic collisions
N Colliding Particles in a 1D Box
Particles in a box
Particles in a 1D box
Adiabatic expansion of 1D gas
particle collisions
Particles in one dimensional box
The Not-So-Great Bonking Boson Badinerie
Simulating N particles in a box
one-dimensional collisions.
Bonkers, amongst other things
Analysis of particle collisions in a one dimensional box
Coefficient of Restitution
Coefficient of restitution
a program to simulate the dynamics of 1 dimensional multiple point particles
Bonkers in one dimensional box
A c++ program modelling collisions in a 1 dimensional box
1-Dimensional collisions
Investigation of the Boyle-Mariotte law for a 1D gas (& friends)
'Bonkers' Particle Simulation
"", a system of Colliding Particles in 2D
Programme to show thermodynamical phenomena, such as pressure
Two particles collision
Bonkers - Mixing Gases of Diff. Temp
Elastic collisions of spherical bodies
particle collide in 2 dimention
Bonkers - An investiagation into position and velocity distributions
N identical particles in a one dimensional box
1D Particle collisions in a box
Collisions of particles
Simulating Particles in a One-Dimensional Box
particles in a box
Simulation of particle collisions
Air molecules in a 1D box
Miscellaneous Bonking
Ideal gas in a 1-d box
1D Collisions
One Dimensional Collisions. 
Bonkers with piston
Balls in a Box
Bonkers - Steady sattes of a piston in a box of particles
A program to investigate particles in a 1D box
Bonkers! Particles in a 1D box.
Bonkers Experiment
Bonkers Experiment
My collision study
2D bonkers
Compression's effect upon the kinetic energy of particles in 1D
Bonkers - for visualising an old physics problem
One dimmensional N-particle system with walls on both sides
Collisions in N dimensions
Bonkers Newton's Cradle
Distribution of velocities in an ideal gas
Collision of particles
Bouncing Balls
Program to simulate dynamics of particles in a 1D box
Simulation of Elastic Collisions in a 1D Box
Bonkers - 1D particles in a box
Bonkers points 2 and 3
N particle simulation
Program to simulate elastic collisions between hard spheres in one dimension
Collisions of particles and walls in one dimention
Collisions of particles and walls in one dimention
Newton's Cradle
Bonkers: Collision of N particles
Bonkers modified task number 2
Expanding idea gas