IB Physics B

Introduction to Computing 2011

Dr Lester

The handout

Full instructions on what do do in this course may be found in the course handout.

Follow the instructions therein, seek assistance (if required) from demonstrators, and you will be fine.

Practical sessions

There are lab/practical session in the Cavendish PWF room from 2pm - 4pm, five days per academic week (Thurs,Fri then Mon,Tues,Weds) in the last 7 weeks of term, i.e. 13th October 2011 to 30th November 2011. Come to at least one per week. See more details in the handout.


There are two lectures. These take place in the Bristol Myers Squibb lecture theatre in the Deptartment of Chemistry at 10am on the 12th and 19th October (the first two Wednesdays of Michaelmas term). The purpose of the lectures is to explain how the course is run, what you need to do, where you need to go to get help, etc. In the lectures you will be told what you can do if you already know C++ or wish to learn a different language instead. The lectures also intend to give examples of why programming can be helpful to you -- i.e. why you should care about the course!

Submission of assessed work

The submission site is currently experiencing a problem. Work can not currently be submitted. This problem will be fixed soon, and the submission link will reappear here. Thank you for your patience.

Example C++ code, tips, help, etc.

Consider stealing code from any of the useful snippets of C++ code which may be of use to newcomers to C++.

Plotting with gnuplot. Examples, tips, help, etc.

Ideas for assessed work

Other links