The power cut will be department-wide and is scheduled to last all day Saturday (08:00-16:00).

All HEP systems will be progressively powered off from Friday afternoon. We may be able to start restoring our systems already on Saturday afternoon or evening but this may run into Sunday (or even Monday for non-critical systems).

Any batch or interactive jobs that are still running on Friday afternoon may be terminated without further warning.

We will aim to keep the mail server, home areas (Windows and Linux) and web server available as long as possible. Priority will be given to restoring these after power returns.

While the HEP e-mail server is down any incoming external e-mails should be queued at the University mail server and will be delivered once the HEP e-mail server is running again.

We cannot give precise timings for powering down on Friday and powering up on Saturday/Sunday but the power down will likely be in the following sequence and will start as late as we reasonably can on Friday afternoon.