The Cavendish Laboratory is on JJ Thomson Avenue, off Madingley Road to the west of the city. All visitors should first report to the reception in the main entrance to the Bragg Building (the middle building of three) to obtain a visitor's badge. The HEP group lives in the Rutherford Building (the northernmost building, closest to Madingley Road). The Group Secretary, is in room 950 on the first floor. If you want to contact other group members directly, their details are accessible here.

Here is a selection of maps to help you find us:

Cambridge area road map
Another Cambridge area road map
Cavendish Laboratory site plan (PDF)
Official University map of the Cavendish Laboratory site
Cambridge City maps

This GoogleMap shows the location of the Cavendish Laboratory (yellow marker) and a recommended walking route between the Cavendish Laboratory and the town centre (Peterhouse College and Sidney Sussex College, blue markers).

Select this larger version of the Cavendish-Peterhouse map for the location of the national coach and train stations (cyan markers).