HEP Group Health and Safety Issues

Several items relating to health and safety issues are brought together on this page. Members of the group in particular should take note of this information.

Working late again?

Please note that as from 5 September 2007, anyone working in the lab outside OPEN hours (these are 07:30-19:00 Monday-Friday) is required to register with the Out-Of-Hours system. Failure to do so risks the loss of your out-of-hours access. The register is accessible via https://ooh.phy.cam.ac.uk/, or follow the "Out of Hours System" link on the Staff and Student Resources page. There is a page available showing the Laboratory Policy on Out-Of-Hours working. A local PDF copy of this policy is also available.

Going to work in a radiation area at CERN?

You will need to arrange to obtain an institute certificate in order to get a radiation badge (Information updated 5 May 2016).

John Hill Last update 1 June 2018.