Getting a CERN radiation badge

The general procedure to obtain a CERN dosimeter is fully documented here. Previously, CERN required a Medical Certificate demonstrating your fitness to work in a radiation area. This is no longer accepted by CERN (or won't be from 31 December 2016) and you should instead fill in an institute certificate. This certificate will then be signed by the group's Radiation Protection Supervisor (currently Bart Hommels). You should also ask the Rutherford Hub Administration for the certificate to be stamped with the Institute Stamp.

Note that the dosimetry service do accept delivery of the certificate as a scanned copy attached to an e-mail as an alternative to the paper original. You should send your email to They also appear happy to accept a certificate with an end-date two years from the expiry of the existing certificate (rather than two years from the date of the new certificate as used to be the case).

You can generate a copy of your CERN personal dose history here.

John Hill Last update 5 May 2016.