Wireless Network

The main user wireless service is via Access Points set up within the department to support the UniOfCam service. This is a University-wide wireless service which you authenticate to via either Raven (if you are a University member) or via a ticket if you are a visitor. Tickets can be issued by any staff member.

A relatively recent development is the introduction of the eduroam service. This uses the same Access Points as UniOfCam. However, to use it you need to set up your laptop (in theory just once) with the appropriate authentication - you should then be able to connect automatically. eduroam is a worldwide initiative and once you set yourself up at your home university you should be able to connect at any site which offers eduroam without any further steps. eduroam also has the advantage over UniOfCam for local users that you don't need to leave a browser window open during the connection. For this reason we recommend that users set themselves up for eduroam rather than UniOfCam.

eduroam is becoming more prevalent over time - for example you can now use it at Geneva Airport. It is hence worth checking its availability from time to time, to see which new locations support it.

For UniOfCam and/or eduroam it is not necessary to register your MAC address. Please note that you must not do large transfers via the wireless network - use the wired network if you need to do this. The UCS monitor network traffic - you are likely to get a polite request to desist if you generate excessive wireless traffic. Failure to comply might lead to sanctions.

Steve Wotton
and John Hill Last update 26 November 2014.