Video Conferencing

The group no longer has its own dedicated Video Conferencing facility. However, the HEP Library (room 947) is set up to allow a group to participate in a EVO session. There is a data projector to display the screen of a dedicated PC, and a USB hub allows the connection of a speakerphone on the table.

For participating in video conferences from your desktop, you can also use EVO. This is especially convenient for seminars, where all you require is to receive audio and video. If you need help and advice in setting up EVO on your desktop, talk to one of the management team.

For a more professional Video Conference facility, you can use the service offered by the UCS. Note that there is a charge to use this service. There may also be other Video Conference facilities available - feel free to discuss your needs with the management.

Steve Wotton and John Hill Last update 26 September 2011.