Remote Access

By "remote access" I don't mean over the internet - I assume that most users know all about that and don't need a page on the subject. On this page I give some details of a remote access method from your home, especially where you are connecting via an ISP and are hence not part of the domain (and so treated as an untrusted outsider). The University Computing Service has a page on remote access - what follows is to some extent a summary of what appears there.

For the VPDN service you need to apply to the UCS.

VPDN (Virtual Private Dial-up Network)

There is a VPDN service now offered by the University which should work for most common platforms. The advantage of this system is that the user can take advantage of the full bandwidth of their ISP (dial-up is a bit misleading here) to get a secure connection to the CUDN and appear to be in the domain (and hence get access to restricted services).
Note that this service can require significant technical expertise to get set up correctly.

As a postscript, I should make clear that secure access from home is straightforward to Linux hosts using ssh or NX client directly. The VPDN route is probably mainly of interest to those wanting Windows access.

Steve Wotton and John Hill
Last update 26 September 2011.