The procedure for obtaining an account on our HEP computer systems is described here. There are minor differences for staff, research students and undergraduate project students.

We maintain our own HEP computer systems completely independently of the Physics Department or University therefore all questions concerning HEP computer resources should be adressed to us.

You will have been given a CRSID which is a unique identifer within the University. It is linked with a University e-mail ( address and with the "Raven" authentication system that gives you access to various University protected web resources (including some protected pages on the HEP web server). It is not the same as your HEP account username and HEP e-mail account that we maintain separately.

For staff and research students we recommend that your HEP username is based on your surname to be easier for everyone to remember. However, this is not mandatory and you can ask to use something else - some people prefer to use their CRSID or CERN account name instead.

For undergraduate accounts we always use the CRSID.

To get your account you first need to read our HEP Acceptable use of Computing Resources page and the departmental AUP document. After reading the latter, send an e-mail to Julia ( with an e-mail stating "I have read, understood and agree to the terms in the HEP Acceptable Use of Computing Policy attached to this e-mail" (Don't forget to attach it).

You should also complete and return the appropriate new user account request form.

Steve Wotton
Last update 10 September 2020.