Phone Network

The phone system, which is based on Voice over IP (VoIP), uses the same equipment as the wired data network. The traffic is kept separate by the use of VLANs - the phones on the HEP/CSC network use VLAN 2441. It may be necessary in future to adjust the Quality of Service settings to avoid data traffic disturbing the voice traffic. Most of the phones are now attached to network switches which support Power over Ethernet (PoE) and so (apart from one or two exceptions) they extract their power over the network cable. A consequence of this is that if you wish to move a phone to another socket then please discuss it with the management, as not all network sockets support PoE.

Any fault on a user's phone should first be reported to the local administrators, who will escalate it to the Telephone Liaison Officer (TLO) for the department (currently Peter Norman) if necessary.

Steve Wotton and John Hill Last update 14 November 2014.