Other systems

We have a few other systems beyond Linux and Windows XP. These are either required for special purposes (Windows 95) or because of particular user preferences (MACs). I won't discuss the last of these in any detail, as we don't provide full support (though we are more than willing to help if we can). Users wishing to bring systems into the group which are outside our normal experience would be advised to consult with the local administrators beforehand, both to ensure that the proper security measures are in place and to clarify the support expected of the management. We're happy to turn our hand to helping with most operating environments, but we don't want users arriving with an esoteric operating system and expecting full support - we don't have the resources.

For information about the naming scheme used for these systems, see the appropriate page.

Windows 95

This is now very little used. We have a single desktop PC which controls our probestation. This cannot be upgraded to a more recent version of Windows (without unjustified expense anyway) and hence will remain running Windows 95 for the foreseeable future.


One or two users use Macintoshs as their main computer. Several other have Macintosh laptops but use PC desktops. Most run OS X, which is very much a Unix lookalike operating system. It is also possible to install Linux on the latest MACs.

Steve Wotton
and John Hill Last update 6 December 2006.