Until mid-2009, both the wired and wireless connections in the group were via the departmental network. During 2009, it was decided to split the departmental network into a number of smaller networks administered by "consortia" of groups. HEP (later joined by CSC) is on its own network, with a separate PoP onto the CUDN router. The wired connections use this network. For wireless we use the UniOfCam service. The Access Points provided for this also support the eduroam service, which all users are encouraged to use instead of UniOfCam (it is less restrictive and simpler to use once the initial set up is done).

Also during 2009 the department moved from an analogue phone system to Voice over IP (VoIP) as part of a University-wide rollout. The phones are connected to the same network as the computers, but traffic is logically separated by VLAN.

For wired connections, it is mandatory that users consult with the local administrators before trying to connect. It is necessary to register the computer and obtain an IP address before trying to connect to the wired network. For the wireless network, it is not necessary to register.

A relatively recent development has been to allow all staff members to generate a UniOfCam ticket (previously it was a very restricted list of people). To do so visit this web page. This is a page external to this web site, and requires Raven authentication.

More details on networking are available by following the links below:

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