System Naming Scheme

"Scheme" might be rather too strong a term to use, but we do try to use sensible names for our computers:

  • pcxx for PCs, with no distinguishing between the operating system it is running (this avoids complications when a Windows system is changed to run Linux, and how do you handle dual-boot machines??!!). "xx" runs from "aa" to (eventually) "zz".
  • macx for MACs. "x" runs from "a" to "z".
  • vmex for computers on VME cards (if you don't know what VME is, you probably don't care about these computers!). "x" has run from "1" to "4" (numerical rather alphabetic values have been used historically in the group to distinguish workstations from computers without graphics - this separation has become fuzzy).
  • farmxxx for GRID farm computers.
  • (v)servxx for the application servers for the GRID farm.
  • diskxx for the disk servers for the GRID farm.
  • lpsx for printers.

Steve Wotton
and John Hill Last update 5 September 2011.