HEP Group

Information for administrators

This page links to various bits of information which are mainly intended for administrators. Access to the detailed information is restricted for obvious reasons.


Information on the connections to the hubs used by HEP is available on this page. It also provides links to the hubs themselves.

Computer inventory

Several pages of listings of the computers we have in the group are available via this page. All computers registered via HEP (both group-owned and private) are included in the lists. If a computer is not on this list, why not?

IPPlan Computer Register for HEP

All computers connected to the HEP network must be registered is the IPPlan Register for HEP. Access is strictly for authorised users only.

UniOfCam Visitor Tickets (External site)

If you need a ticket for UniOfCam access, there is a web page (external site) to go to for this purpose. All staff can now create a ticket for a visitor.

Network Monitoring

We are running MRTG monitoring on the HEP network switches. Go to this page for more information.

Assorted management documents

An assortment of various documents relating to the management of the computing systems are brought together here:

  • Disaster Recovery Plan as requested by the department in MS-Word and PDF formats.
  • IT Disaster Recovery Guide from MISD in MS-Word and PDF formats.
  • Acceptable Use Policy in MS-Word and PDF formats (Updated March 2012).
  • Software Use Policy in MS-Word and PDF formats.

Steve Wotton and John Hill Last update 25 May 2018.