Objects - Why?

Objects provide a more natural model of the world. Programs are easier to understand. c3 = c1 + c2 is how we are used to manipulating vectors in formulae. CALL VADD(C1,C2,C3,2) doesn't make sense.
Creation and destruction of objects is done in a controlled way so program initialisation and termination can be less error-prone. The compiler rejects the statement
Vector2 c3;
because there is no initialiser.
Type safety extends to manipulations on objects. The compiler rejects the statement
Vector2 c4 = c1 + "OUCH!!!";
because there is no Vector2 addition operator having an argument of type string.
Illegal or inappropriate use of the data is protected. The compiler would reject the syntactically legal statement
c3.v[0] = c1.v[1] * c2.v[1];
User code does not have direct access to the vector elements unless the programmer allows it.
Using objects leads to more modular programs.