Selected talks by members of our group

Before, behind and beyond the discovery of the Higgs Boson
Ben Allanach
Royal Society, UK, January 2014 link

Comparing kinematic variables to matrix element methods
Chris Lester
ZPW2014 Monte Carlo Simulation and 2nd Mini-Workshop on Advances in Matrix Element Methods, 10 January 2014 PDF

Why the CMSSM is not being ruled out
Ben Gripaios
NORDITA workshop on Beyond the LHC, Stockholm, 2013 PDF

Where do we go from here?
Ben Gripaios
IOP HEPP/APP meeting, Liverpool, 2013 PDF

Searching beyond the lamppost
Ben Gripaios
BSM4LHC Workshop, IPPP Durham, 2012 PDF

Recent ATLAS results (mostly BSM) and where they might be headed
Chris Lester
Tools 2012, 12 June 2012 pptx

A personal view of some of the recent LHC BS results from ATLAS and CMS
Chris Lester
IoP Joint HEPP and APP Meeting 2012, 3 April 2012 PDF

Measuring new particle masses at the LHC
Kazuki Sakurai
DAMP-Cavendish Phenomenology Seminar, 4 November 2010 PDF

Reconstructing particle masses from pairs of decay chains
Kazuki Sakurai
SUSY10, Bonn, Germany, 24 August 2010 PDF

Determining Masses and Spins of New Particles
Bryan Webber
KEK, Japan, September 2009

Searching for New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider
Ben Allanach
DAMTP Jubilee Celebration, Cambridge, September 2009

LHC Weather Forecasts and Dark Matter Expectations
Ben Allanach
Swansea Physics Dept, May 2009

Jet-algorithms and New Physics at the LHC
Are Raklev
High Energy Physics Colloquium, University of Oslo, Norway, 15 May 2009.

Phenomenology for the LHC
Bryan Webber
Institute of Physics HEPP Conference, Oxford, April 2009

Phenomenology of SUSY Breaking
Ben Allanach
International Workshop on Supersymmetry Breaking, IPPP, Durham, April 2009

Decaying Gravitino Dark Matter
Are Raklev
High Energy Physics seminar, University College London, 27 March 2009
Particle physics seminar, University of Oxford, 5 March 2009
IPPP seminar, University of Durham, 29 January 2009

Flavour Violation in AMSB
Ben Allanach
LHC focus week, IPMU, Japan, March 2009

Using jet properties in sparticle mass reconstruction
Are Raklev
LHC focus week, IPMU, Japan, March 2009

Phenomenology of Black Holes at Hadron Colliders
Bryan Webber
LHC to Future Colliders Institute, CERN, February 2009

Spin Measurements in Supersymmetric Models at the LHC
Chris Lester

On the eve of the LHC
Are Raklev
Physics seminar, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway, 3 October 2008
Physics seminar, University College Cork, Ireland, 9 March 2009

Z boson decay to photon plus Kaluza-Klein graviton in large extra dimensions
Jordan Skittrall
Summer Institute 2008, Chi-Tou, Taiwan - August 2008
New Trends in Particle Physics and Cosmology, Sheffield, UK - July 2008
IOP High Energy Particle Physics Group annual meeting, Lancaster, UK - April 2008

Gravitino Dark Matter and R-parity violation
Are Raklev
UK BSM'08 Workshop, University of Sussex, 23 September 2008

Jet-jet jets etc
Are Raklev
TeV Scale Physics and Dark Matter Workshop, NORDITA, July 2008

New Physics (at the LHC)...but what to do with it?
Are Raklev
Nordic Workshop on LHC and Beyond, Stockholm University, 12 June 2008

Sparticle mass measurements at the LHC
Are Raklev
DESY Theory Group Seminar, DESY, 19 May 2008

Massive meta-stable particles in supersymmetry
Are Raklev
Particle Physics Seminar, Stockholm University, 27 March 2008

Dark Matter Shining Light
Are Raklev
20th Nordic Particle Physics Meeting, 6 January 2008, Spaatind, Norway

Sparticle masses in hadronic decay chains
Are Raklev
Cavendish HEP Seminar, 13 November 2007

Using Spins to Distinguish Models at the LHC (extended)
Jenni Smillie
Cavendish Phenomenology and IPPP Seminar Series PDF

Using Spins to Distinguish Models at the LHC
Jenni Smillie
Planck '06, Paris, 1st June 2006 PDF

Detecting Spins at the LHC
Jenni Smillie
DAMTP/HEP Seminar, 18th November 2005 PDF,

Higgs and SUSY at the LHC
Alan Barr
Presented at the International conference on High Energy Physics, Beijing, China 17 August 2004 PPT

SUSY spin measurements with ATLAS
Alan Barr
12 May 2004, ATLAS UK physics meeting PPT, Gzipped PS

Collider Phenomenology of a SUSY Randall-Sundrm Scenario
Steve Fitzgerald
26th September 2003 PS

What prospects for Supersymmetry at the Large Hadron Collider?
Chris Lester (10 June 2003) PPT

Finding Anomaly-Mediated SUSY at the LHC
Alan Barr (10 June 2003) HTML

Black Hole production and decay
Presented by Andy Parker on behalf of Chris Harris (May 2003) PDF

Kaluza-Klein gravitons at ATLAS
Andy Parker (26 March 2003) PDF

Supersymmetry with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC
Alan Barr (10 June 2003) HTML

Black Holes at Hadron Colliders
Chris Harris (27 March 2003) ps, Gzipped ps

Can Black Holes be produced and detected at ATLAS?
Chris Harris (27 June 2002) pdf

Graviton Resonances at ATLAS
Matt Palmer (Feb 2002) PDF

Simulation on SUSY
Peter Richardson Gzipped ps

Beyond the Standard Model Physics at the LHC
Peter Richardson Gzipped ps

Spin Correlations in Monte Carlo Simulations
Peter Richardson Gzipped ps

Simulating Black Holes in Herwig
Chris Harris (Feb 2002) Gzipped ps

What prospects for Supersymmetry at the Large Hadron Collider ?
Chris lester (Nov 2001) PPT, HTML

Prospects for New Phenomena at the LHC
Bryan Webber (Nov 2001) Gzipped ps

Detecting Heavy Exotic Leptons at the LHC
Chris Harris (Oct 2001) Gzipped ps

Simulating new physics at the LHC
Bryan Webber (April 2001) Gzipped PS

Baryon violating R-Parity Violating Supersymmetry
Alan Barr (Feb 2001) PDF
Flavour tagging (June 2001) PDF

Developing model-independant sparticle mass measurements at ATLAS
Chris Lester (Oct 2000) Gzipped PS

Anomaly-mediated SUSY phenomenology
Alan Barr (Oct 2000) PDF

SUSY searches at the LHC
Andy Parker
DIS2000 PDF Gzipped PS

Searches for supersymmetry at the Large Hadron Collider
Andy Parker
Presented at the International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics, Tampere, Finland, July 1999 PDF