How to apply to be a Graduate Student in the High Energy Physics Group

The HEP Group welcomes applications from students wishing to study for a PhD in experimental or theoretical High Energy Physics. We normally have projects available on each of our active experiments, and on various theoretical topics.

A PhD takes between three and four years to complete. We also offer one year MPhils (but only in exceptional cases).

We have a limited number of PhD places each year funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council. These pay the full costs for UK citizens, and partial costs for EU citizens. We have no direct funding for non-EU citizens, but often offer places to students with funding from scholarships, such as those offered by the Gates Cambridge Trust or from other sources. There is a list of currently-available funding competitions on this page.

The deadlines for applications vary depending on the funding sources - there is some information on this page.

More details on available projects are available here.

The 2019 interviews for prospective Research Council funded graduate students will be held in late January - early February 2019.

Please submit your application before 5th December 2018 to ensure you are considered.

Applications for alternatively funded places will be considered at regular intervals throughout the year.

How can I find out more?

We've tried to answer most common questions on the FAQ page, so please read this first.

If you have further questions please contact the Rutherford Hub Administration by email, by phone (+44 (0)1223 76 8138 or +44 (0)1223 33 7478) or by post from:

HEP Group,
Cavendish Laboratory,
JJ Thomson Avenue,
CB3 0HE,
United Kingdom.

Further details can be obtained here together with application forms.

Further details on research opportunities can be obtained from:
Tina Potter (email, phone +44 (0)1223 33 7475) for experimental research,
Ben Gripaios (email, phone +44 (0)1223 76 1014) for theoretical research.

The University also has a lot of information for Prospective Graduate Students.