Prof. Peter Higgs
Visit to the Cavendish Lab

On June 20th, 2012 Prof. Peter Higgs visited the Cavendish Laboratory and HEP group while in Cambridge to receive an honorary degree from the University of Cambridge. Here is a selection of photos taken during his vist to the Cavendish Lab.

  • Prof. Peter Higgs with Head of the Physics Department, Prof. James Stirling.
  • Prof. Higgs and Prof. Stirling looking at a portrait of JJ Thomson
  • Looking at particle trails in the PHYWE cloud chamber with members of the HEP group.
  • From left: Prof. Peter Higgs, Prof. James Stirling, Prof. Andy Parker, Steve Wotton.
  • From left: Prof. James Stirling, Maurice Goodrick, Fehn Chua-Short, Steve Wotton, Prof. Peter Higgs, Prof Andy Parker.

Photo credits: Kelvin Fagan.