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Timetable for supervisions with Dr Lester.

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Email me (CGL20) if you edit this page so that I know to look and can update my diary accordingly.

Guide to Locations

 FTZ = "My Peterhouse office: Room 3 in 25 Fitzwilliam Street"
 CAV = "Room 952 (My office) in the Cavendish Laboratory"


Time Group Course Location Notes
15:00-17:00Miguel's groups IB MNST FTZ
21:00Sam IA MNST FTZ B


Time Group Course Location Notes
14:00-15:00Alen IA MNST FTZ B
15:00-16:00Xiao, Dominic IA MNST FTZ A


Time Group Course Location Notes
14:00-15:00Niall + Jordan IA MNST FTZ B
15:00-16:00Jonathan (Beesley), James IA MNST FTZ B
16:00-17:00Akash, Peter, Rachel IA MNST FTZ A

Ground rules

All IA MNST work to be handed in to my pigeon hole in Peterhouse no later than 13:00 on the DAY BEFORE the supervision.

The nature of the work to be handed in will be arranged between us.

If no work is handed in by the above deadline (without very good reason) then access to that supervision being denied to the student in question. For this reason, make contact with the supervisor at the earliest opportunity (i.e. 24 hours before the supervision) to make special arrangements should the need arise.