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Timetable for supervisions in IA Maths for Natural Sciences, Peterhouse, with Dr Lester.

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Supervisions will be each week, starting as soon as possible. I am available on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 2pm - 5pm, and am happy to supervise in blocks of up to three hours (so long as there are no gaps inbetween - I don't want to sit around for an hour with nobody to supervise) starting at 2pm. Given your timetables and practicals, I have suggested the following times. You may switch around the order of groups and even the membership of the pairs, provided that

        (1) you get the permission of each person whom the change affects
        (2) you edit the WIKI page to reflect the new times (use the "Edit this page" link near the bottom of the page).
        (3) you email me when the change is done so that I can update my diary.

Wednesdays (location is Room 1, 3 St Peter's Terrace)

Time Group Course Notes
14:00-15:00Lysette Moses + Chris Smith A Neither Moses nor Smith can do Thursdays
15:00-16:00--slot available
16:00-17:00--slot available if above slot is filled

Thursdays (location is Room 2, 3 St Peter's Terrace)

Time Group Course Notes
14:00-15:00Fiona Wilkinson + Jack Collins A/B Collins wants B, perhaps also Wilkinson
15:00-16:00Kyna Milnes + Yang Li A
16:00-17:00Chloe Stott + Marieluise Lercher A

Ground rules

All work to be handed in to my pigeon hole no later than 09:00 on the DAY BEFORE the supervision.

The nature of the work to be handed in will be arranged between us.

If no work is handed in by the above deadline (without very good reason) then access to that supervision being denied to the student in question. Should this happen on more than one occasion, the student will be charged for the supervision(s) that they did not attend. For this reason, make contact with the supervisor at the earliest opportunity (i.e. 24 hours before the supervision) to make special arrangements should the need arise.