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Demonstrating rota:

Day of week Demonstrator 1CRSID 1Demonstrator 2CRSID 2Reserve / Notes Estimate of free spaces
Thursdays Haider Butt hb319Andrew Haines aih26~10
Fridays Thomas Gillam tpsg2Haider Butt hb319~10
Mondays Edwin Stansfield ejs78Alex Gaunt alg51Andrew Haines (aih26)??
Tuesdays Edwin Stansfield ejs78Alex Gaunt alg51??
Wednesdays Edwin Stansfield ejs78Haider Butt hb319??

People who expressed an interest in demonstrating this course:

Andrew Haines aih26
Steven Kaneti sk602
Haider Butt hb319
Audrunas Gruslys ag492
Gareth Griffiths gigg2
Gareth Rogers gjr31
Tim Skinner tds32
Jonathan Gaunt jrg44May not supervise this year
Andrew Haines aih26
William Belfield wjb35
Matthew Grant maag2
Alex Gaunt alg51
Tom Gillam tpsg2
Edwin Stansfield ejs78