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Easter 2007 supervision planner for Dr Lester

Please edit the times below to suit your needs by clicking the "Edit this page" link below, making your changes, and then clicking the "Save" button at the foot of the editing page. Pay attention to my constraints (below the tables).

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Week beginning 30th April 2007

Group Day Time Subject Comments
Malek Thurs 14:00-15:00Maths

Week beginning 7th May 2007

Group Day Time Subject Comments
Vincent+Peter Weds 14:00-15:00Maths
Jen+Ros Weds 15:00-16:00Physics Jen also suggested Thurs 15:00 - would clash with Emma and Emmy
Emma+Emmy Thurs 15:00-16:00Physics Confirmed
Emmy Thurs 14:00-15:00Maths

Week beginning 14th May 2007

Group Day Time Subject Comments
XXX Mon 12:00-13:00Meeting This slot now unavailable
Vincent+Peter Mon 14:00-15:00Physics (from last week)
Jen+Ros Tue 14.00-15.00Physics
Vincent+Peter Wed 14:00-15:00Physics
Jen+Ros Wed 15:00-16:00Physics
Emma+Emmy Weds 16:00-17:00Physics
Emmy Thur 14:00-15:00Maths
Sarah Fri 10:00-11:00PNP

Week beginning 21th May 2007

Group Day Time Subject Comments
XXX Mon 3pm onwards XXX This slot no longer available
James Frost Weds All-Day UK-SUSY-EXOTICS Dr Lester is away from Cambridge all day!
Sarah, Obaid + JanFri 14:00-15:00PNP

Week beginning 4th June 2007

Malek Anomalous physics revision supervision

Dr Lester's constraints

I am unavailable 1pm-2pm everyday, and 10.30am-1pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I am free till 5pm most days (except Monday where I can't go beyond 4.45pm).


If you can give me times starting at 14:00 hours (or following on from somebody else's supervision(s) which itself started at 14:00 hours) so that it follows on from lunch, then I can supervise you in college (Rm2, 3SPT). If you can only make some other random times that is fine, but then I will have to ask you to trek in to the Cavendish - room 952.

Handing in

Work will be collected from Dr Lester's pigeon hole in Peterhouse (or in case of Part II Particle and Nuclear work can be handed in to the lab pigeon hole).